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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 22, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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means for the future of the raiders in oakland. >> fans of raiders are nervous. >> hump day. earth day. we take it. >> i am credit -- kin sze. >> i am eric thomas. >> meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. >> cloudy. mist and drizzle for the commute. lowest visibility is three miles at half moon bay so not too bad. the 12-hour day planners the should cover from the exploritorium at the top of the transamerica pyramid or tower, at look at 7:00 we will see some sun at noon at 62 and a stray shower across the north bay this afternoon and most of us are part lid cloudy at 56 to 68. grab a coat when the sun sets at 7:52 the 60s will be back and the 50s. >> a little bit of hindered visibility but how does the drive look? >> we have a couple of accidents
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and a metering light turned on at the bay bridge. it will take you ten minutes to make it across between oakland and san francisco with construction in the eastbound lanes that should wrap up right now. i will talk about my next report some construction that will be hampering the commute from daly city to san francisco. that is ahead in a couple of minuteses. in the news we are continuing to follow breaking news in walnut creek where firefighters knocked down a two alater fire at a home. our reporter is on the scene as firefighters get their first look inside. amy? >> the fire was intense when they got here can they were worried about the roof collapsing. here is what they saw when they arrived breaking out at 3:30 this morning in walnut creek. it took a lost persistence to get this out and they saw heavy smoke and a lot of fire but it
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looks like it was burning for a while. neighbors told firefighters the person would lives here travels a lot, a lost international travel and they did not think anyone was home. fires have done a thorough sent of the house and have not found any sign of life, no people inside today but they do think that anyone was home. this are no cars here. though feel good about the fact that no one was hurt and no one is missing and no one was home. the fire is now out but it will take a while to figure out what started this but the investigation is getting start started. >> and law enforcement are heading to higher paying attention in contra costa county. 48 deputies live the department last year to make more money elsewhere. a 71 percent increase over 2013. officials say the county's lowest salary and benefits make
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retention a big concern and the lost of sheriff deputies is having a negative impact on the response time. bank of america covering a $5,000 reward for information leading to a conviction of the person who robbed a branch in dublin. police say a man entered the bank on dublin boulevard at 11 on monday morning and the suspect handed the tellary note demanding monday and said he had a gun but in helps with were seen the he got away with undetermined amount of money. police say the suspect was about 35 years old, 6' tall and wearing a dark colored seattle she -- seahawks cap and light jeans. marin high school let parents know why the nuns walk out of the high school, five members of the nuns protested a gay nonprofit sponsoring anti-bullying day of silence. in the end the school opted out of participating in the event and instead held a morning rare
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for students bullied. parents say it was all a big misunderstanding. >> this morning, a bill to make vaccinations mandatory for california schoolchildren is set to go up for a committee vote in scent oh. state saturdays have made changes following or allowing families that opt out to home school their children together and allow students to seek independent study last week a committee put off a vote on the measure after several lawmakers came out again it. they were concerned the bill would prevent unvaccinated children from receiving an adequate education. >> bay area raiders fans are worried many in southern california are excited after the carson city council clear add hurdle for a proposed nfl stadium that could one day become the shared hold for the raiders and the san diego chargers. we are in carson with the latest on this story.
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yes. good morning to you. we know fans here are split on the potential move. carson in southern california is the second city to approve plans for the nfl stadium. this is just part of the process. it is now up to the teams and ultimately the nfl to make the next move the going back to last night it was 3-0 vote for the city council to clear the way for $1.7 billion stadium that could be the shared home to the raiders and the san diego chargers. city council's other opening was to put the issue before voters if but after receiving 15,000 signed poets a city-wide vote was not necessary under state law. >> i feel great. i would love the raiders to come back to los angeles. i as here in 82 and i have been here waiting on the raiders to come back since 95. >> we will have more travel.
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more violence after the i games the congested roads. >> for viewers familiar with southern california the 72,000 seat venue is located south of los angeles international airport. the los angeles area has not had an nfl team since 1994 when the raiders made the move to oakland. keep in mind any decision to move a team to the los angeles area still needs to clear hurdles in the league including gaining the support from 24 of the league's 32 teams. oakland's mayor schaaf said the mayor is focused on a deal that works for the raiders, the fans and the taxpayers because oakland deserves nothing less. >> tens of millions is how far apart the 49ers and a youth soccer league are in their belief of what the soccer field next to the levi stadium is worth were 9 team homes to use
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the site for park on game days. it was a heated meeting on the matter. >> battle is over these soccer feels. the 49ers want to use it for parking. but those now using it are fighting to keep it. it was a packed house at the city council meeting. youth soccer supporters are upset over the proposal to lease the land to the 49ers. levi stadium has a documented parking problem and the organization is offering to pay to take over the soccer feels. 49ers chief operating room presented the city council $15 million cash downpayment, $3 million to the schools percentage of parking revenue and 39 year lease blue options. soccer community wants an equal or better field location. >> the soccer facility is worth $70 million, the land alone and what we are looking for as a soccer league is for the 49ers to stand up to their commitment
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and provide a facility if a soccer place of qualify value for the league. >> it is a start. not a final proposal. >> for several hours the players and parents and small business owners urged the city council to decline the offer as land value climbs others urge the city council to decline the first offer. the city council did not meet if closed session and, instead, set up a process to discuss what to do about the soccer field and possible field replacement. thank, matt. today is the day we find out if san jose's famous falcon family is adding boys or girls. >> as you may know falcon mom chair a has been nesting on the top of the city hall for years. this morning a researcherring rappel off the roof of the 18-storying to find out the gender. clara laid threeers march that hatched this month. the chicks will be banded so
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researchers can track their whereabouts. kids do not forget you have until friday to help name the chicks. you will find the link to a contest subsubmission form at now a check on the weather forecast. mike? >> we start with the temperatures on the peninsula, look at them in the upper 40s around redwood city and menlo park and woodside and everyone else in the low 50s until we get to san bruno at 53 degrees. as far as everyone else, we are around june to 53 but for los gatos at 47. sfo flight arrival delays running an hour and 11 minutes because of the cloud cover. we are going to see more sunshine this afternoon but the clouds are stubborn so expect more mist and drizzle. inland, we are going to have 70 and 75 with a stray shower and around the bay more suspect shine and 65 to 71 and the coast to san francisco the drizzle
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tapers at 67-63. leyla gulen? >> weñ)are taking a look using our 360 camera in the south bay. we are traveling on the northbound direction. you can see green lights, no traffic, a nice early start. this is walnut creek, southbound 680, still flowing with light traffic until you get to highway 24 and when you round the corner you see where the tail lights are flashing. this accident involving three vehicles is cleared to the shoulder and we do are some backups coming through pleasanton. pretty heavy traffic at 28 miles per hour coming away from 580 and we fake you to san kristen and eric? >> a popular bicycle is pulled off the street in a recall.
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>> there was a warm welcome in sydney a few hours ago for thousands of cruise passengers who spent two days stuck at sea. this video shows passengers waving and getting off the ship when it docked. 2,500 vacationers and 1500 craw members were stranded after a fierce storm churn up 30' waves that prevented them from docking. the storm raged on and the port was closed stranding the crew ship for another day. coming up at 7:00 a.m. "good morning america" will have reaction from passengers on how they survived the nightmare at sea. the vatican has confirmed pope francis will visit cuba in
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september on the way to the up. the vatican did not say which days he will number cuba. he is scheduled to visit washington dc, new york city, and philadelphia starting around september 23. the pope is credited with having helped the united states and cuba re-establish diplomatic ties. the vatican host both countries. >> traffic accident bicycle is recalling a million bikes after an injury that left a rider pair lied. according experts the problem is with quickly lease on the front wheel that interferes with the brakes. the recalled bikes were sold from september of 1999 until now and priced from $480 to $1,600. a california lawyer is looking to put a damper on the first ship day for the apple watch which is on friday. he is suing apple and other smart watchmakers claiming it
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promotes dangerous driving. the "los angeles times" obtain add copy of the lawsuit which seeks a quart order for apple samsung, and microsoft and google to fund the $1 billion public education campaign of the dangers of using a smart watch while driving. smart watches are a bigger distraction to drivers than smartphones because the vibration on the wrist will be harder to ignore than a sound. a a sea lion pup is safe because of two men toshiba sheriff deputies spotting the conditioning sea lion moving on the roadway and they immediately stopped to protect it. these are photos provided by the department. the deputies say the sea lion starting rubbing against their legs and with guidance from the marine mammal center took it back to the ocean to set it free ♪ break it down ♪ ♪ hallelujah ♪
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♪ i'm adopted ♪ ♪ hallelujah ♪ old town pup ♪ ♪ going to give it to you ♪ >> east bay spca wants you to know adopting pets is cool. this is part of a music video they produced inspired by bruno mars "uptown funk." the mayor schaaf makes a cameo appearances and the east bay sp spc ca is a "purr-fect" pet partner. >> i give it an 82 because you can dance. >> it is still missing mike nicco. >> should have made an appearance. >> you must be really proud. >> proud to be part of "purr-fect" pet and have them as a partner. we are enjoying that are very
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much watching when you get down you get down and it brings up your spirits. >> live doppler hd taking the pup for a walk watch out for mist and drizzle but month steady rain. that is to the south. it will stay that way. through the morning into the afternoon, winds are still blow on shore but not so strong as yesterday. we will see more sunshine into the afternoon. an hour and 11 minutes is our arrival delays averaging at sfo. this is what you see from the top of the cloud deck at up to 3,000'. more sun today. a stray inform across across-the-board -- storm across the north bay. cooler with the presses kicking in. the scattered showers possible on saturday during the morning hour and we have march of dimes march for babies so hopefully we can coat indry.
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now, mid-to-upper 60s around the bay shore and palo alto to the south bay right around 70 and low-to-mid 60's inland east bay and low 70s across the north bay with green in the afternoon and more sun and more dry than yesterday. tonight, cleaner than this morning. we still have clouds along the peninsula and a few an the bay. where the clouds open up we have mid-40s developing to low 50s. code ron is rolling in. falling apart but still strong enough boundary that it will lit the atmosphere along with sunshine and bring us a chance of a shower cross the north bay. it rolls an the area of high pressure and there is a series of weak disturbances including on saturday. here we are at noon the clouds breaking up and radar across the north bay shows between 4:00 and k though fall apart and clouds
6:20 am
open up a little bit during the overnight hours through tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon we have high clouds and sunshine and temperatures the same or cooler and a lot of thunderstorms in the sierra. >> my seven-day forecast shows temperatures dropping final or six degrees and holding steady and 60s at the coast and 70s and 80s monday and tuesday around the bay and inland. >> a chance to be armchair commuter through mountain view you can see traffic is clear. it is 360 and we have the option of turning it around and see how traffic is moving southbound. not fining much. on the maps i can fine other traffic but we will talk about mass transit bart has trains on time. no delays. ace train 7 this morning has a school group on board. take your claim early. no delays on caltrain.
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at highway 4 that is a slow ride away from 160 to concord. the benicia bridges running at top speed. top speed on the richmond-san rafael, bay bridge has 12-minute delay from emeryville to san francisco. san mateo and dutch dumb, -- and dumbarton, no crashes and no delays. >> a model makes a splash. >> this picture is going viral and this rogue snapshot and history in the making. >> at look at traffic on the golden gate bridge moving smoothly. stay tuned. sunday dinners at my house... it's a full day for me, and i love it. but when i started having back pain my sister had to come help. i don't like asking for help. i took tylenol but i had to take
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perhaps we made it too delicious nature valley, delicious granola bars made with the tastiest ingredients from nature. nature valley, nature at its most delicious. vogue magazine is the hot topic for a story bringing in a new era getting a lot of talk. >> vogue is profiling a transgender model for the first time ever. this is the snapshot circulating of the model, in the may issue which takes a look into the new problem tear in gender politics. the polled has risen to fame recently modeling as both a man at first and then a woman.
6:25 am
she had surgery last year to complete the transition to being a woman. >> a big reveal to tell you about right now, "people" magazine has named a hollywood actress the most beautiful woman in the world. who is it? >> i provide the drum roll... >> sandra bullock 50, gracing the cover of "people" magazine but she does not take herself too seriously for her appearance after learning of the on she laughed and side "that's ridiculous." more on the secret to stay beautiful on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> love that. >> we continue at 6:30 with the top stories. >> including a make it or break it day for the controversial vaccine bill with the poe circumstantial side effects that have many parents want it struck down.
6:26 am
>> woman's confrontation with police moments after her child was taken and what she said officers did that made her fool like the criminal. >> check out the forecast for this afternoon a stray shower is possible and i have introduced a chance of wet weather this weekend. i am leyla gulen in the remark center with walnut creek packing in but still only nine minutes from highway 4 to the 24 junction. we will get tripped up all ahead after th
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, it is 6:29. we will look at the embarcadero in san francisco we have clouds and maybe a little mist and drizzle as you start your wednesday, april 22nd. also, earth day. thanks or joining us. i am eric thomas with leyla gulen and mike has more on the history and drizzle. >> it is accumulating but mostly above 1,500' so we are okay and
6:30 am
maybe we need the windshield wipers. you can see it is cloudy this morning, and mild with most of us in the low-to-mid 50s and now, as you take the terry -- ferry building look how calm it. be careful. that will continue through the morning commute. we have more senator by noon. the temperatures are stuck in the 50s. low-to-upper 60 bay and i land and a stray shower is possible. by 7:00 this will unwind as the temperatures fall and the mid-50s to low 60. >> thanks, mike, leyla are there trouble spots? >> we have a couple. but there are certain areas across the bay area that are quite light. right now as we look through the berkeley haze not purple haze but berkeley hazy i-80 away from albany to the emeryville oakland maze you can see the traffic is 18 minutes to get you if that direction. as we move over to san jose 280
6:31 am
is slow down a little bit near highway 17 so tack on a few extra minutes into cupertino. >> breaks news from the east bay where fires have knocked down a two-alarm fire in walnut creek. it broke out at 3:45 at a large home near john muir medical center. firefighters say no one was home at the time and there were no injuries. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> there are injuries in the breaking news now out of martinez fire crews just fighting the fire in walnut creek raced over to martinez for another fire and our reporter also raced to the sign and she has the latest from the scene. they just got this fire under control about five minutes ago. look at the apartment building behind me that was on fire, you can see there is smoke coming from it and firefighters are keeping a close try on this. we are on pine street in
6:32 am
martinez and there were some injuries. i have the fire marshal mention to me and he will tell you what happened. robert, on you mind telling us about the person who was rescued. >> we were notified on the scene the police department rescued an individual one of the apartment residents. why he if it was male or female. they were being transported. a police officer who was assisting in rescuing people and getting people out of the apartments also suffered smoke inhalation. he was not transported. we are keeping an cry on him and making sure that he conditions to be okay. >> two rescues, one police officer suffered smoke inthatlation and a lot of people were impacted. >> there are quite a few impacted. the fire started in a lower unit in the apartment building and spread to an upper unit but a lot of unions are in this
6:33 am
building and it is a c shaped. quite a few have been affected. >> thank you for your time. this fire is out now and they will start to lack for a cause and try to help the people would have been displaced by this fire. it was just brought under control about five minutes ago. thanks. :33 the happening today a vote could determine if vaccinations will become mandatory for california schoolchildren. it is a preservessal issue -- controversial issue that has some parents concerned. we have more from the newsroom. >> this pill has emotions running high on both sides. it would make vaccinations for highly con tapingous illnesses like measles mandatory for california school kids. senate bill 277 would eliminate the personal belief exemption and the co- >> are though of bill argues that vaccinations are necessary to keep the kids and their
6:34 am
classmates safe. >> we need to remember how serious a disease this is. it is unfortunate that the opposition is down playing the disease. >> i don't think it is good to be mandatory. >> they should be mandatory. >> parents should have the right to choose. >> many are against the bill saying it deny as right to public education. the bill was amended and now the families can home school their kids together and they would be grabbed access to public school independence study. kids with medical problems could get waivers and that vote happens later on today. >> we will monitor it. police in santa rosa are looking for a man ised in a sexual assault. the attack happen at 2:30 on monday. a woman was walking on a trail when a man approached her and tried to pull off her clothing. the suspect let go after the victim started yeting. the suspect is described as man if his 30s and wearing a eight
6:35 am
t-shirt and had physical characteristics similar to someone with downs syndrome. police have received reports two similar incidents in the last nine months. >> police in cupertino need help in locates a missing teen. 17-year-old connor sullivan was last seen on monday he attended the first period class at high school and missed classes. he was last seen wearing faded black sweat shirt and blue and white shoes. >> a teen prodigy and her family are asking for help after rare cello was stolen from a packing garage in san francisco. the two crews caught on the camera going through the family s.u.v. the male waited in get away car. the hand crafted cello worth $8,500 was gone when the family returned. investigators are hoping someone
6:36 am
will them identify the suspect and get the instrument back. this morning the family of the 8-year-old boy who was asleep in the back of a stolen car will file a complaint about the officers would helped find their son. >> paul guzman show add cell phone video from monday. he said this is the moment that the officers threw his wife on the ground and put her in handcuffs. amber alert was issued for the son and he is back home now but the familiar said they family the officers crossed the line during the initial investigation. they have hired antoine and plan on filing a formal complaint against the fairfield police department. >> a thank you note last by a san jose woman on a denver police lieutenant's car has police asking for help to find her so thank her in return. while visiting colorado a week after the san jose police officer johnson died in the line of duty last month a woman named lauren left a note on the
6:37 am
car thanking him for his service. that note read had part "dear officer i'm from san jose california and we lost an asset to an amazing teal. thank you for risking your every day for my safety. i am thank will for you." michael john southeast want called while responding for a call for a suicidal man in san jose and was murdered. >> changing how you keep and keep the environment strong with a new technical savvy kitchen from ikea. >> cell phone plan that will keep cash in your wallet. >> a look at a backed up bay bridge toll plaza with leyla checking the traffic away the bay area with the latest when we come
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good morning on hump day/earth day. san rafael camera looking down 101 to the south, cloudy and a lot of tree pollen and low weed and mold and pollution and grass will run moderate. tonight at game, 58 at 7:00 and dropping to 55. showers in the valley and
6:41 am
otherwise, it is going to be quiet for us. if you are headed to the sierra, thunderstorms again at 57 in lake tahoe and 71 at yosemite. wet weather around san diego and los angeles and mid-to-upper 60s. leyla? >> here is something we do not sigh often using our 360 camera dumbarton headed in the eastbound direction you can see the cloud cover but a beautiful start to the morning and certainly very light traffic. we will turn 360 around and see how traffic is moving in the westbound direction no delays. on the maps, it is foggy in the north bay and that is the golden gate bridge you may have some limited visibility through mill valley with the traffic certain ly flowing nicely. in petaluma we have a new accident with possible injuries on the shoulder but delays on southbound highway 101 near petaluma boulevard. 6:41. jumping through hoops to return people watch. >> next, you may get stuck with
6:42 am
a costly device if you decide you do not like it. >> future of cook comes to your kitchen and i-k-e-a is taking the drought into consideration for the new tech savvy designs. >> first stay in the know looking at the san mateo bridge headed west under clouds.
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>> covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area this is abc7 news. more than 600 johns are up for grabs today at the silicon valley high are event from noon to 4:00 at the biltmore hotel in santa clara. the johns available include counselors and drivers and police officers and electricians. full time and part time positions are available. we have more information at fork is buzzing today over whether this is the day that nasdaq hit as record high. >> apple wants do make sure it is not easy to return the $17,000 watch. jane king has those stories and more in the money report. how are you going to run your watch? >> i will have to think about that. i like my $17,000 watch. good morning guys. as you mentioned we watching the nasdaq today. not a lot of movement in any of
6:46 am
the indexes so far but the nasdaq is only 20 points away from the all-time high it hit in 2000 with earnings from facebook and others. it could be that this week we propel above the levels. google is set to unveil a wireless service by today. the big deal is google service would allow users to pay only for the data they use unlike prepackaged lands that expire at the end of the month. the "wall street journal" said this move into wireless could push carriers further away from the pricing and a study found smartphone users waste $28 each month on unused data. >> returning apple gold watch will not be easy. if you want to return the $17,000 watch you must first have it inspected by apple to make sure there is no damage oren graving and someone at the bar will use special tools and weight scales do make sure in gold has been removed and only a manager can actually handle the
6:47 am
return. >> martha stewart has a new line of office equipment including stationery and technical accessories starting in november. >> why would you want to run the apple gold watch? that is the question. good news this morning for chipolte fans chain said pork will be back on the machine use this fall after being pulled at 1,700 stores in january "pulled pork," after they discovered animal treatment violations by splayers. the company c.e.o. said they are working on a plan to make the pork available but consumers should expect to pay more at least a dollar on the west and east coast and 40 cents more in the midwest. now ikea, they have the internet buzzing over a new kitchen design that will change the bay you cook. >> it is called the kitchen of the future and this video was
6:48 am
released in conjunction with design week in milan in italy. it shows you how to cook with digital sensors they show you where on table to place the food. the so-called kitchen of 2025 includes a transparent fridge and composting system and has a special bucket under the sing to recycle the water. >> as long as it and as ikea prizes. >> i could see you going for that. and more. >> know how to make. kids think that is good enough. >> he is a pretty good cook. >> and grill master. >> you are cooking up split parkway soup -- split pea soup. >> more moisture.
6:49 am
more drizzle and mist. but not so breezy as yesterday with winds at ten miles per hour rather than the 20 to 25 yesterday the a few breaks in the cloud south along 680 toward 24 junction and same in san jose a few breaks in the cloud deck near the shark town at 87 and in the afternoon we will see more sunshine and temperatures are warmer than yesterday and a stray hour is still possible across the north bay. the clouds are varied the next couple days and a cooler breeze will be faster so temperatures will drop as we head we to scattered showers sort morning. we have the march of dimes march for babies and hopefully it will be difficult. it looks like less than .1" for most of us rain. half moon bay is 59. upper 50s and mid-to-upper 60s around the bay shore and to san jose 71.
6:50 am
low-to-mid 70s inland east bay and upper 60s to main lay low 70s across the north bay and right there over santa rosa and near napa radar shows a stray shower. tonight, clouds will not be so prevalent or quite so expense or as moisture laden so it will be cooler tomorrow morning add mid-40s to low 50s and the cold front boundary shows where the air comes together and rises which will lift the atmosphere and create the slight chance of a stray shower across the north bay along with the daytime heating. the high pressure will throw a few disturbances our way but mostly it will stay mainly in the north bay and right here between 4:00 and k and it falls apart and we push our attention tomorrow morning to the sierra in the afternoon because that is where the thunderstorms are going to be. our temperatures are dropping at five or six degrees by friday.
6:51 am
and the disturbance on saturday morning with a chance of light showers and check out the 60 at the coast but 70s and 80s return to the bay and inland next week. leyla gulen? >> using our 360 camera we are in fremont headed for union city northbound 880 we just got off of 84. we could not find any traffic. heading north we are still looking at top speeds as we make our drive in the southbound direction you can see we are still moving along and it is not until we get closer to highway 92 that is where we are going to see the heavy delays. i can show you other areas of the bay area starting to load up and we do have a new accident to report in daly northern at southbound 280 connection is shut down until five o'clock so that is causing delays. remembers starting on friday, a 15 hour closure northbound and southbound van ness avenue for
6:52 am
pedestrian construction. in morning, the warriors are flying to louisiana ahead of the game three in the first matchup with the pelicans. they beat a determined pelicans team 97-87 and the next to games are in new orleans and the smoothie center is rocking for the warriors to take the best of seven with a win on the home more and the tip-off tomorrow the game at the smoothie stadium is at 6:30 p.m. and game 5 is back at the arena on tuesday if necessary. >> thank you. thank you. >> and our sports anchor, mike shumann will be had new orleans for games three and four and we have the live reports on abc and
6:53 am
you can follow on twitter for the insider perspective. >> i'm back. i'm back. 6:52. seven-day forecasts to know of you go but, first, weather and traffic through the commercial break. you used to sleep like a champ. then boom... what happened? stress, fun, bad habits kids, now what? let's build a new, smarter bed using the dualair chambers to sense your movement, heartbeat, breathing. introducing the sleep number bed with sleepiq™ technology.
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6:55 am
firefighters are on the scene of an apartment fire on pine street. two were rescued a resident and a police officer suffered smoke inhalation that started in a lower unit. >> breaking news from the east bay where firefighters have knocked out a two alarm house fire in walnut creek. it broke out at 3:45 this morning at the home near the end of la casa. no one was home or hurt. >> a public forum is held in oakland with private development partner to discuss the vision of the proposed coliseum city that includes a new stadium for the raiders. last night carson approved lands in los angeles in that area if a new same for the raiders and the charges, together, bypassing a public vote. the santa clara city council has decided to further study the 49ers offer to represent a congratulate soccer park and use it for parking. parents and kids and coaches voice their displeasure at the we city council money meeting.
6:56 am
many fear the youth soccer leagues are displaced. >> californians who least electricity may have for pay more with an overhaul of the rate structure. proponents say it is time to make everyone pay prices that are more in line with actual costs. >> now a look at temperatures low-to-mid 50s but daly city is 48. calm on the bay water. but it is damp. in the afternoon hours, more sunshine and upper 50s at coast and mid-70s inland east bay. >> things are looking busy at the richmond-san rafael and we have backups away from castro street and it is light. that is a look at the macarthur maze with travel between highway 4 and the maze going to take you about 26 minutes. >> thank you for joining us. we will see you in 25 minutes.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. breaking news. captured. an islamic extremist, about to launch a deadly terror attack in paris on churches. the surprising way authorities thwarted the plot. new this morning. nightmare at sea. a cruise liner stranded by an epic storm. the ship battered by massive 30-foot high waves and 60-mile-an-hour winds, more than 2,500 people on board. >> it was scary. our patio furniture flew off the balcony. >> terrified passengers speaking out about their harrowing time at sea. fighting back. dr. oz breaking his silence overnight, taking on that group of doctors trying to get him fired. >> we will not be silenced.


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